Thursdays, 4-7 PM  |  June 4 - August 27,  2015

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Why Shop at a Farmers Market?  
They have more variety, they often offer organic produce, they are cheaper, and they support your local economy.  What's not to love?  You can taste the difference!  Produce is picked ripe and sold that day.  You can meet the farmers who grow your food, ask when it was picked, how it was grown, and ways to prepare it.

You’ll find unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables – those bred for flavor, not for ability to travel and size uniformity.  Growing a larger number of varieties is ecologically smart too because it reduces crops’ vulnerability to disease.

Farmers markets put more money in the farmers’ pockets. Buying locally grown produce encourages regional farming.  If farming were more widespread, we could save fuel and resources spent on long distance shipping and reduce our over-dependence on a handful of growing regions that may not be able to produce high yields indefinitely.  When produce is grown and purchased locally, the money remains in the community and stimulates the local economy.

What's in Season?
Check out this helpful calendar displaying Ohio's fresh fruit and vegetable harvest.
Then, find some delicious recipes that feature the current seasonal harvest.

Walk Through a Farmers Market

There's an app for that!  Download the Farmers' Market Companion: A Guide to Buying and Enjoying Fruits, Vegetables and Other Delicacies.  Bring it with you when you visit the Easton Farmers Market as a guide to knowing how to select the best fruits and veggies, as well as how to prepare them.  You'll find simple definitions, and fun facts as well!

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