Thursdays, 4-7 PM  |  June 5-August 28, 2014

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2014 Easton Farmers Market Activity Schedule

Please check back soon for updated information!

Special Events 


****Chipotle Sponsorship for NATIONAL FARMERS MARKET WEEK( 8/7)****
$3000 will be distributed in $5 market tokens to be used at any market vendor on that day. Vendors will turn in the redeemed vouchers to EFM Welcome Tent after market ends in return for their cash value. It encourages people to shop at the market and reward those that do by giving them $5 to use.

Chef Demos
Demonstration Times:
4:15pm, 5:15pm, 6:15pm

June 5th - Wellness Matters ( Cooking Demo) Local Matters

June 12th - Ohio State’s Heart and Vascular Center

June 19th - The Gluten Free Gourmet

June 26th - Chef Max Rice (Flipside) 

July 3rd - Chef Max Rice (Flipside)


July 17th - Chef Max Rice (Flipside)

July 24th - TBD

July 31st - Chef Max Rice (Flipside)

August 7th - Hellwig Farm

August 14th - Chef Max Rice (Flipside)

August 21st - Executive Chef Anthony Pologruto (of The Hilton Easton)

August 28th - Chef Max Rice (Flipside)

Local Music

June 6th - Redhouse  

June 12th - Ruvane Kurland 

June 19th - Chris Bullwinkle

June 26th - Zakk Jones  

July 3rd- Nathan Anders

July 10th - Ira Chaiffetz - Banjo Player ding bluegrass, jazz, Dixieland and American old-time music made popular by such artists as Lester Flatt, Pete Seeger, the Kingston Trio, Earl Scruggs, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

July 17th - Suzuki Music Columbus

July 24th - Greg Bikowski (4-5:30 pm) and Terry Douglas (5:30-7 pm)

July 31st - Suzuki Music Columbus

August 7th - Elijah Aaron

August 14th - Darby Smith

August 21st - Matt Brent (4-5:30 pm) and Jon Morgan (5:30 - 7 pm)

August 28th - The Trains

Children's Activities 

June 5, 2014 - Local Matters
COMPANION PLANTING Bring a friend and learn which vegetables are the best of friends. By growing together vegetables help protect each other while they are growing big and strong. Try a sample of the "Three Sisters" salad and learn the "Three Sisters" take care of each other in the garden!

June 12, 2014 - Art With Anna Goes Green:
Artists will keep with the Farmer’s Market “green” theme by reusing & upcycling items to create their own flower collage on 5x7 masonite board. Ages 4 and up best suited for this art activity.

June 19, 2014 - Local Matters
WHAT PLANTS NEED TO LIVE Sun, Soil and Water all important plants grow big and strong. Learn how sun, soil and water help the plants in your garden grow big and strong. Plant seeds to take home and care for and try a delicious snack fresh from the garden!

June 26th, 2014 - Big Green Head
The sun is out and it is time to catch the suns rays and brighten up our homes.  Today in the Children's Area we will be creating sun catchers out of clear plastic lids and colorful permanent markers!  Each artist will be given a clean, clear plastic lid.  They will use markers to create their own picture!  When they are done we will take a piece of string and create a hanger so that they can go home and proudly display their sun catcher! A great way to reuse the plastic lids found from berries, veggies or the bakery products!

July 3, 2014 - Local Matters
Flowers, bugs, bees & birds- what do they all have in common? They are all part of pollination. We'll teach you why it is so important that plants pollinate and make seeds through fun activities about flowers and pollinators! Stop by and taste a snack made of some of the flowers of vegetables we actually eat.

July 10, 2014 - Art With Anna
Upcyled Bottles: artists will continue our recycling & reusing theme by creating 3-D flowers from plastic bottles! Kiddos ages 5 and up are best suited (most especially with adult supervision) for this art activity.

July 17th, 2014 -Local Matters
GARDEN OF VITAMINS Learn the importance of vitamins in your bodies and how they help make our minds and bodies strong! By tasting a colorful array of fruits and vegetables learn how the color of our food tells us a story about the vitamins that live in our food.

July 24, 2014 - Big Green Head
Let’s get “juicy” at the Kid’s Activity Tent! Kids will create their own juice recipes using seasonal fruits and veggies from the farmers market vendors, learning what produce is in season, and getting to taste them in a whole new way!

July 31, 2014 - Local Matters
Children will have fun learning how whole foods like strawberries are nutritious and just as delicious as processed, sometimes foods. While tasting delicious whole foods and hand's on activities, children can not only taste the difference but see how whole foods keep their minds and bodies strong and full of energy, to keep the fun going all day long.

August 7th - Penelopants
Come 'Celebrate Play' with crafts and educational games on Thursday August 7th with Penelopants! 

August 14, 2014 - Local Matters
You grow all of these wonderful fruits and vegetables right in your backyard, now what? Stop by the Local Matters table to try your hand at preparing a healthy snack straight from fruits and vegetables you can grow in your garden at home.

August 21, 2014 - Big Green Head
Worm your way over to the Kid’s Activity Tent and learn about the importance of composting. Kids will make their very own “mini” worm bin and experience, first hand, the joy of vermicomposting and how it benefits our earth. 

August 28, 2014 - Local Matters
Eating out of the garden all summer long is great but what about the rest of the seasons?! Stop by and we'll teach you how you can eat out of your garden ALL YEAR long, by planting root vegetables and even canning!

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