Thursdays, 4-7 PM  |  June 2 - August 25,  2016

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Krazy Kraut

444 Chase Rd
Columbus, OH 43214 - (614) 601-2439

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Product Description:
Kurry, Kurry Kraut, Krazy Miso

Vendor Profile:
Krazy Kraut is a fermented vegetable mix designed to be a powerful probiotic catalyst for health. Fermented foods maintain and promote the probiotic microorganisms we need for healthy digestion. Probiotics have been highlighted lately by the medical community as being very important for not only healthy digestion and increased nutrient uptake, but also as an essential key component of a healthy balanced immune system. 
More than just a delicious, tangy flavor, the beauty of sauerkraut also lies in its considerable health benefits.

Krazy Kraut contains lactobacilli, a healthy symbiotic bacteria that aids in digestion and immunity. The fermentation also increases isothiocyanates, compounds shown to prevent cancer growth in animal tests. High in Vitamin C manganese, vitamin B6, and folate, and 100's of other vitamins and minerals.

With regular intake of fermented foods, the adequate healthy state of our digestive flora can be assured.
The fermented vegetable line of Krazy Kraut has as its flagship product “The Original Recipe”, which was developed by Andy Reed, L Ac, to most powerfully and effectively deliver strong and diverse probiotics to the consumer. The first product to be marketed is “The Original” Krazy Kraut and contains an amazingly vibrant combination of green cabbage, fresh dill, many root veggies, seaweeds, and other delicious ingredients. All ingredients are locally-sourced and organic when available. This recipe has had amazing customer feedback in local test markets and retail store interest. Other recipes and seasonal fermented vegetable products will be sold as the market demands and availability ensues, including fermented curry pastes (Krazy Kurry) and age-old favorites, traditional Germanic krauts, pickled cukes, beets, etc.

Owner: Andy Reed, L Ac