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Royal Fireworks Sauces

8344 Finch Shelter Dr
Columbus, OH 43235 - (614) 563 - 0486

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Product Description:
BBQ Sauce, Mustard Sauce, Salad Dressing, Jam/Chutney, Cookbook, Royal SauceAbilities

Our sauces:

Royal Fireworks Sauce: The original Royal FireworksTM Sauce starts off sweet and finishes with an exciting kick of jalapeño! An excellent all-purpose BBQ and dipping sauce.

Grand Finale Sauce:
A thicker, spicier version of Royal Fireworks Sauce. It starts off sweet and finishes in an exciting blast!

Texas Sweet Hickory Sauce: Savor sweet hickory, spicy jalapeño, molasses, and tangy salsa in this thick, smokey BBQ Sauce. Bigger-than-Texas flavor!

Triple P Mustard Sauce: Tangy and spicy, Triple P Mustard Sauce adds a zesty kick to sandwiches, dips, salads and everything you put it on!

Sweet Hickory Mustard Sauce: With just a touch of sweetness, this thick, smokey mustard sauce is perfect for dipping, glazing or spreading.

Royal Fireworks Picnic Sauce: This zesty, mustard-based sauce brings your favorite picnic and potluck dishes to life!

Sweet Summer Jam: We honor the sweet peaches of summer in a not-so-spicy sauce. Great as a spreadable appetizer, but also a wonderful addition to dessert recipes.

NEW! Golden Bistro Dressing: This unique salad dressing blends tangy cider vinegar, sweet honey and a garden full of veggies for a burst of savory flavor in each bite!

Vendor Profile:
My gluten-free, all-natural and vegetarian products are a combination of bbq/baking sauces and mustard sauces.  Each sauce is delicious hot or cold, grilled, drizzled or slathered, on meat, veggies, grains or straight out of the jar.  In 2012,  RFS won two, 1st place chili cook-offs and one 2nd place.  Although not in the chili business per se, the sauces are a delicious addition to so many recipes.  In 2013, we received very high marks from a national BBQ blogger.  Royal Fireworks Sauces have layers of flavor and multiple uses that are not found in other sauces. They are not over the top spicy, but rather have layers of flavor. Each sauce meet the Ohio Department of Agriculture's specifications under the Ohio Proud program.

Owner: Susan Duve